Dream House in Vancouver

So, some people would call it a pipe dream, others would just say to give up on it already. It seems like it’s been decades now that I’ve wanted to buy a home, even just a modest condominium, in the city of Vancouver, or in the surrounding cities. Yes, it wouldn’t be the most practical move in the world what’s the point of doing everything practically if you never really feel alive? Some things in life are probably worth the risk. That’s all I have to say. I know that right now making such a major change, or at least major investment, is not the kind of thing that people would suggest necessarily for a person in my situation.

And having some of the most support of friends and family members in the world is definitely a good thing, but sometimes it just seems a little bit overbearing, and maybe that’s why I’d like to get to the coast. I know, it’s not a problem that’s as bad as most other problems. Having too many people care about you too much is something that a lot of the world would probably envy, and I don’t forget that.

Still, I’ve been thinking about this so much that I actually have been Googling and searching for Burnaby condos for sale… I actually prefer Burnaby to Vancouver in a lot of ways, Vancouver is obviously a little more exciting, but it’s only is train ride away, no more than 15-20 minutes if your home is close enough to the transit station. Which, a lot of the ones that I’ve been looking at totally are. Though I also saw an ad about¬†Coal Harbour Condos for sale¬†which I might look into too just to be sure I am buying a nice property.

I even contacted a Vancouver Realtor and ask him about prices and feasibility. No, it probably won’t happen, but I’m frustrated about the reasons why. Is this normal? Do you have anything like this? Please let me know if so. I know that it’s maybe just an irrational desire, but that doesn’t make it any less legitimate of a Feeling. Does it?