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  • How to Stop Procrastinating

    Most of us know that, in the long run, procrastination makes life more difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to stop doing it. Unfortunately, most advice available about procrastination simply tells us that we shouldn’t do it. It’s much more difficult to find practical tips to end procrastination. As a veteran (and reformed) procrastinator, I’ve learned a few tricks for overcoming procrastination and here are the ten best:

    Do Unpleasant Tasks First
    Much procrastination comes from delaying boring, mundane, or even frightening tasks. If you perform these tasks before other tasks, though, you have much less time to build a list of reasons not to do them or a list of distractions from them. Unpleasant tasks usually just get worse the longer you wait, and reminding yourself that delaying the task won’t make it go away can help you to just do it. You need to have an academic diary so you will be more organized at work an in your personal life.

    Get More Organized
    Some of us have so much to do that we don’t even know where to begin, so we end up doing nothing. Investing ten to fifteen minutes a day to plan the next day, and planning your week in advance, can help you take a realistic look at how you’re spending your time. If you plan tasks in advance you’ll have a sense of accomplishment that can help minimize the desire to procrastinate.

    Break Tasks Into Manageable Chunks
    Many tasks that tend to breed procrastination are large tasks that have several components. Rather than writing, “get wisdom teeth removed” or, “publish an article” on your to-do list, break your task down into manageable pieces. If you accomplish one small step toward your goal every day (or week, or month) you’ll be inspired to keep going and won’t beat yourself up over failure, which can often lead to procrastination.

    Give Up On Perfectionism
    Some of us tend to procrastinate because we’re afraid of failure or don’t believe we’re ready to perform a task perfectly. The truth, however, is that performing a task imperfectly is generally better than not performing it at all. You can always go back and improve upon your work later. Give up on a desire to make every attempt at every goal perfect, and simply make some small attempt each day.

    Reward Yourself
    Our brain responds well to rewards, and being rewarded for an unpleasant task can make it easier to do it next time. Buy yourself an extra dessert, go out to lunch with a friend, or invest in a new piece of clothing as a reward for completing an unpleasant task. You should remember to avoid giving yourself these rewards until you have completed the task!

    Do the Little Tasks First
    Sometimes the smallest tasks in the day are the ones that add up-going to the bank, dropping off the dry cleaning, and walking the dog. Carve out an hour each day to accomplish as many small tasks as you can, and the sense of accomplishment will likely compel you to take on larger tasks and feel better about how you’re spending your time.

    Schedule Regular Tasks
    We all have things we have to do on a regular basis, like meeting with clients, going to the grocery store, or paying bills. Consider scheduling days for these recurring tasks. Knowing the tasks are already scheduled can help alleviate stress, and getting into the habit of performing these tasks at regular intervals can help curb procrastination.

    Taking Action Rarely Makes Things Worse
    Remember that taking action on something rarely makes something worse. If, for example, your boss is upset with you, talking to her about it doesn’t change things; it only makes you aware that she is upset with you. Many of us operate under the delusion that what we don’t know about and avoid can’t hurt us, but the world is happening whether or not you participate in it. Your world is more likely to be better if you take action rather than avoid things!

    Know Your Body
    We all have times of the day during which we’re more productive, and working against your own circadian rhythms typically only makes procrastination worse. Rather than try to adopt yourself to your tasks, adopt your tasks to the way you naturally do things. In my case, I’m a night owl, and no matter how many times I have tried, I just can’t be productive in the morning. I’ve capitalized on this by simply giving in and sleeping in when I have the chance and then taking advantage of my insomnia to get things done. There’s nothing wrong with completing tasks at strange times,and knowing when you are most likely to complete tasks well can help you better plan your day and your time.

    Nourish Your Body
    Hunger and dehydration can contribute to procrastination, and sometimes we’re so hungry and dehydrated that we don’t even notice! Take time to drink water and eat good meals and you may find yourself procrastinating less frequently.

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  • Momma


    Momma dear momma please open the door,
    what did that man mean when he called you bag whore,
    and that thing that you pulled straight from your arm,
    I learned in school that it could do much harm,
    what are you doing I cant hear a sound,
    was that your body I just heard hit the ground,
    momma please momma just hold me real close,
    and tell me how much that you love me the most,
    momma dear momma I cant hear you breathe,
    and you made me a promise that you would never leave,
    now we are separated by more than this door,
    you cant read me stories or sing me to sleep anymore,
    momma tell me your alright wipe away my falling tears,

    who will tell me what’s the best vitamin c serum for face

    Or know what I should be using for a dress
    who’s going to know all my secrets, dreams and my fears,
    momma please momma just let me come in,
    and I promise never to let you put that in your arm ever again.
    I was clean for almost 4 years and before Christmas this year I relapsed and almost killed myself by doing it.
    This poem has been going through my mind for about a month before I jotted it down, it seems to have some type of power about it that gives me a sense of will power not to use.

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  • Do Website Styles Mimic the Fashion Industry?

    Keeping up with the trends of web design is no easy task. The industry keeps the ball rolling on a daily basis with new techniques and innovative ideas. But, what happens when there are no more ideas? It’s kind of the same situation with clothing styles. There are only so many styles before generational clothes start to repeat themselves, but with an updated look.

    If you jump back to about 10 years ago on the web, you’ll see a lot of boxes or cascading style sheets creating tables to put data in. Everything was pretty plain, and basic with some color, and a couple of images, nothing too fancy. As Internet technology progressed, we slowly made the jump from plain and simple to the other extreme, where some websites completely ran off of flash, making everything animated, everything colorful, and had no strict organization. But, just like fluorescent spandex pants, Flash started to move on out due to the overbearing appearance and blinding effects. This already outdated technology just isn’t tolerated in professional environments anymore, due to the many impatient Internet surfers.

    There was also a point in time where web designers felt that they had to squeeze their entire website onto the homepage in order to please viewers, similar to tight leather pants. When they realized this may not be the case, there was another drastic leap made to the opposite end of the spectrum; creating websites with maybe just one word on the homage connecting to many other pages, or even just a simple picture with only a couple of buttons. Whatever the case is, they missed the point that viewers do want to see as much as possible at first click, but there is a fine line between not enough to look at, and way too much too look at. Today, designers seem to have found some middle ground at this point in time, and it seems that web pages have a better flow to them. There is an even distribution of images, content, and options to choose from in regards to which part of the site you want to focus on. This was what digital marketing agencies have been focusing on too.

    When trends make a full circle after you swore you’d never use the same look twice, and you’d never throw on those super flared faded jeans again, the industry finds a way to revamp the look, slap a new name on it and make it even more popular then it was the first time around. Those boring rectangular website buttons we were quite fond of in the early 2000’s left quick, being replaced by rounded corners and thousands of shadows to make buttons look like they were jumping off of the page for you to click on. Now, box buttons are back in style, but with an added feature of realism. We the designers have come to realize that you don’t need extra deep drop shadows to add a sense of realness to an image, it’s more about the gloss, the inner shadows, and the fine details within the button. It’s an art.

    That brings us where we are today: utilizing the knowledge of the great artists and integrating them with web design. The realism in today’s designs are quite visually appealing and easy on the eye. They make the viewers feel as though the website has come to life and it could actually be a tangible product. Marketers and sales people always know that selling a product you can touch and feel is far easier to sell then the intangible products. While you might not be able to touch a website, you can have control over the usability, and feel the sense of reality being presented.

    We as web designers have also learned, just like the fashion designers, that there is a recipe for creating a visual appeal as well as comfort to the buyer. Every customer wants to have a fashionable sense, but also be comfortable in what they are displaying, while also having simplicity surround them. You don’t need to be bold to be beautiful anymore; you just need to look put together, clean, strong and functional.

    In conclusion, don’t throw out the hot pink scrunchies, the crimping irons, washed out jeans, and boring simple website buttons, just improve them by providing a fresh new look, and create a modern classic instead. Move on up and join us in 2011, the era of simplicity and realism.

    If you’d like to have a fashionable and trend setting website to fit in with the top web designs of 2011, visit: www.one27studios.com and we’ll give your website an extreme makeover.

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  • How to Make Money as a Movie or Television Extra

    Have you ever wanted to get paid to work in the movies or on television?

    Well, the quickest and easiest way to get your first paid job in Hollywood is to become an “extra” or “background actor”.

    Before I started with being an “extra,” I was in constant lookout for hospitality jobs london area but my luck isn’t there. And so I moved to the Hollywood to pursue what I love.

    Extras or background actors are those nameless faces and bodies that you see sitting next to your favorite TV stars while they dine at a restaurant during a scene from the show. They are the multitude of unknown pedestrians on city streets, the passengers waiting at the train station and the patrons at the cafe in your favorite movies.

    So now you know what an extra does. But how do you get paid to be an extra?

    Well, first off you’ll need to be in a major metropolitan U.S. city such as Los Angeles or New York.

    Although production companies do hire extras for on-location movie and television projects in Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Canada, along with several U.S. states, including Hawaii, New Mexico, Michigan and Louisiana, the majority of major productions are still located in Los Angeles and New York.

    Once you’re in a major metropolitan city, you’ll want to contact that area’s local film commission office and get a list of casting companies that hire extras and background actors for local productions.

    For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on Los Angeles because the majority of extra or background acting work will be found in Hollywood where all the major movie and television production studios are located.

    In Los Angeles, the biggest background casting company is Central Casting Los Angeles. To register with Central Casting please call 818-562-2755 for recorded instructions.

    Central Casting helps to cast background actors and extras for most of your favorite movies, network and cable television shows.

    Additionally, if you’re in Los Angeles, you may want to sign up with the following background casting companies:

    Jeff Olan Casting
    Sande Alessi Casting
    Rich King Casting
    Carol Grant Casting
    Bill Dance Casting
    Hollywood O.S.
    L.A. Casting

    These casting companies can help you get hired as a background actor or extra for Hollywood movies, television shows, commercials, game shows and print ads.

    Each casting company charges a registration fee, which is about $25 for most of the companies listed here. But please visit their websites to get the current fees and registration requirements.

    When you go to register in person, they will ask you fill out an information sheet about yourself (height, weight, eye color, hair color,etc.) along with an I-9 for tax payment purposes and take a digital picture of you.

    Also, if you have any specific skills such as opera singing, horseback riding, salsa dancing, juggling, fire-eating or you are a professional clown, mime or acrobat, these are all worth listing on your information sheet so that the casting directors will know what you can do.

    Finally, they will want to know if you are union or non-union. Most of you will be non-union since you’ve never worked a day as a background actor or extra. (Note: once you have worked enough days on union vouchers for SAG (Screen Actors Guild) or AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) you can become eligible to join the unions. To learn more about this, you can visit Central Casting’s FAQ on their website)

    For a non-union background actor or extra working in the Los Angeles area, the current pay rate is about $64 for an 8-hour day with time-and-half for overtime. A lunch or meal is usually included when you are working on-location, but those that are working on a studio lot may have to buy their own meal at the studio’s commissary.

    On average, a non-union background performer can expect to earn anywhere from $50-$100 after taxes for a days work in Hollywood. This is all dependent upon the amount of overtime hours and additional pay bonuses that they receive for bringing their own costumes or wardrobe and/or being subjected to various elements such as smoke or water on the set.

    Once you’ve registered, each casting company will give you a casting hotline number to call and submit yourself for whatever jobs are available each day.

    If you’re in Los Angeles, Hollywood O.S. and L.A. Casting are two companies that charge a fee, allowing you to submit yourself to multiple casting directors for various roles listed online.

    So what can you expect when you call the casting hotlines?

    First off, you must understand that In the world of background acting and extras casting, there is a huge emphasis on your “look” or appearance, so please always dress professionally.

    You always want to look your best, unless you are submitting yourself for specific roles such as tattooed prisoners, homeless, residents living in a down-scale neighborhood, traditionally attired ethnic characters or various costumed performers such as clowns or mimes.

    When you call up the casting hotlines, you will often times hear the casting decisions are looking for a particular “type” of character based on appearance and wardrobe. You will likely hear terms such as upscale restaurant patrons, hip and trendy club goers, or business casual pedestrians.

    There will also be age-ranges listed for the character types. Again you’ll hear the casting directors ask for a range of ages from 20-25, 25-30, 30-40s, 50s, etc.

    They will sometimes ask for people that can be cast to play roles in the 18-to-look-younger range, which means that you look like a teenager or high school aged even though you maybe older than you appear.

    Also, casting directors will occasionally be looking for people that own specific types of cars, boats or pets. In those instances, they will request you to send them a picture of your car, boat or pet.

    After calling the casting hotline and hearing a role that you fit the description for, you will be asked to call a separate number to reach the casting director.

    If you are calling Central Casting, often times you will get busy signals because of the huge volume of calls they receive from those registered in their databases. (Note: Do not give up when calling Central Casting’s hotlines, if you get a busy signal, keep redialing until you get through as its a first come, first serve system. Once the roles are cast, they will not likely be taking anymore calls. It may take up to 30-minutes to get through to a casting director.)

    The other casting companies may have you leave your name, number and the role that you are submitting for on their voicemail. Those that are selected for the role will be called back. (Note: Do not keep calling these other companies, as they operate on a different system than Central Casting does.)

    For those of you living in Los Angeles, who don’t like making phone calls all day, there are also “call-in services” available that can “book” paid work for you as a background actor or extra on movies, television shows and commercials.

    In many ways, these call-in services operate like a temp service for background actors. They usually charge a monthly fee of around $40-$75 to find work for you based on your schedule and availability.

    Among the larger companies offering these services are Extras Management and Kids Management, which helps to find background work for children.

    Other notable call-in services include Joey’s List, Jessica’s A-List, Face2Face Management, and Booked Talent.

    If you register with a call-in service, you will likely be required to take additional digital pictures at their offices in various costumes or wardrobe items so that they can submit you to a variety of casting directors for various movie. television and commercial projects.

    Additionally, a great source of information for those wanting to get started in Hollywood as an extra or background actor is the website Background Acting, which lists additional casting companies and call-in services.

    Now get out there and as they say in show business, “break a leg”

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  • Tech in this day


    Technology can reshape the country and chronicled it in the book.  2014 up to today, so much things has changed. Self-driving cars actually works and 3D printers are now common thing. We can cope up with the fast-changing trends in technology, like being able to know how for your routers and all other things related. While technology will unstoppably move forward even if people do not, what’s more important is focusing on what we are best for.

    There are places which has excellence in the arts and in culture, and encouraging people to go back to their roots and start from there. People also need to have an understanding the technical element and how it changes business, people—not only industry leaders and businessmen—will come to realize that disruption and transformation is really about culture. If we were to live in this world that is filled with technology, I think we need to make a conscious decision that we like where we are. Going forward, we are going to live in a technology driven world so get over it and enjoy it. It is also great to have your own website for your business as it will boost your sales. If you need anything else, you can contact peope from ranking hostingów tp help you out. Anyway, as for my other post,

    After the dreaded typhoon that destroyed almost a half of the town’s homes and establishments, we are now back in business after six months. Well, there may have been a few changes and we really lost a little from the storm, we were really devastated but we just get up and made thins better. Some of our goods were drenched with typhoon and some of the computers too.We also lost our internet that time. This time, as we prepapre for a new chapter for our business, we are now more prepared. We have set up evacuation plans, as well as plans if another thing happens again in our area. As for our interent, I am happy that it is now back and we had  already to check if we will have a nice signal for our operations. I wish everyone goodluck and we will have a little party coming in our events place next week. I have invited some of our clients and our customers and partners and I hope you can all be there. We got some booze and a brunches for all of you. See you there!

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  • A New Life in the City

    Starting next month, I will have a new home. We have been waiting for the right time to move in together after being in a relationship for quite some time now. I have a decent, stable job, and he has his own business too that he manages everyday of the week. It is quite a challenge, we know from the start, but we know we can make it through as we have promised to each other that we will be for each other for thick or thin. Just like a married couple. Though i do not think of like, formally settling down with him, you know the marriage part. Because I still have a lot of things and dreams and aspirations to chase and I am okay with our current set yup right now..you know, the girlfriend, boyfriend thing. And i think he is okay with it too. I mean, he is a businessman. And he is always on the move. Either he is going to some other town or in another country. He is always away. We only spend time together for a couple of days, and we will be apart again for a couple of weeks. And I do not actually mind it.

    And so, since we are moving together in the city and we are about to say goodbye to the old, country style life, we are also planning to buy new things for us. I am planning to buy a new car, something grand like the new Fiat 500 so that I will not be commuting anymore. It is quite tough not to have a car in the place you know. The traffic is really killing me and I know some parts in the city that have lesser cars and has nicer traffic than the usual commute route. It will also let me go to different places and plan a randon weekend with my girl friends. That’s what I am planning to do. But first of course, I need to know how to drive! Ha ha ha! My boyfriend already agreed with it. In fact, he is also about to buy his own car, which I know will be so much help for him.

    And of course, as we buy new things, we will also be adopting two cute puppies for our new home. It has been what I wanted since last year! I totally love puppies. I have searched online on adoption homes where we can get a couple of puppies and they are totally welcome to our new home. They will be our babies first. No real babies for me know though! Just cute little furry friends for now and I am okay. I am glad you read this post up to this far, and i hope you continue to read my posts in the coming months as i move in with my partner. I am excited to share all the details with you soon and I will keep you up to date of course! Bye for now, loves!

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  • A Lost Puppy

    I was driving to town last week when I saw a cute little puppy beside the road. I was about to go home from a busy work day when i passed by a white little puppy walking alone in the pavement. It was an afternoon and the leaves were falling so it was easy to spot the cute little angel. I passed it by and I had to take a second look to double check. I checked my rear-view beside my dashcam ( which I tried for dashcam test 2018) and it was really a cute puppy! I pulled over and I got it. It was actually quivering and I thought it had a little sickness. I went abruptly to the vet and the vet thanked me for bringing him in the nick of time.

    He said the puppy got a a little flu. It stayed in the vet clinic for two days before i had the chance to bring it at home. I was also asking some of our neighbours if their puppy is missing or if they know someone who might be looking for their lost puppy but to no avail. I just decided to bring it home and adopt it for the meantime as i do not know someone who is looking for their dogs. I was a little hesitant at first but what can I do? I mean I can’t leave it there alone, right? It was already a week and still no one is still looking after this puppy. And i decided i should be a formally adopting it. My niece, who loves pets usually go to my house to check it out. I named the cute angel as Peter and we are so delighted for seeing to so alive and enthusiastic.  She said i should adopt more and she promises she will look after them. Actually, my niece has a couple of cats in their home and she really really love having pets in their house. It is like her best friends and no one can replace them. She takes care of them always ,feed them, and buy pet products just for them. Not like the one I saw who is very pale and tired with really teary eyes. I was happy I was able to pass by him and bring him to the vet. I just saved a puppy’s life and I am very thankful for it. I am actually planning to adopt more dogs. And probably cats too if they can stand each other. What I really love about these pets are that they are all lovable. And they love their owners back, endless love that is and that is just so heart warming. I hope more and more people will get to adopt some furry friends for their home. It is actually good for the heart and in looking at life in a more positive way. I am now planning to attend seminar on proper dog and cat care and will ask some of my friend who love having pets too if they can give me some advice and tips for me.

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  • Moving to a new home


    Me and my kids are moving to a new home this Christmas. I have been thinking for a long time of ai will move out of another town with my kids. The neighborhood is quite rowdy here and my kids are having a hard time commuting from home to school and back and forth. It is quite disheartening to know that there are some rude kids too who are bullying my kids. And so I am thinking to move to a new toen where my parents are at. I already talked to an agent and I think it is a nic decision to move out of this town. I saw a nice house in the city, a few minutes from there is the convenience store. There is also a church were me and my kids can attend mass. I think I should let me kids join the choir in the new community because I want them to develop new friends. As for me, I will move my business in the town. I am planning to renr a small space where I can curate my design studio and my party needs company. For now, I need to set up my office, have a really really strong wifi, this time, I need to have wlan access point test so it will not be too much of a hassle for me. I am excited for the new chapter of our lives as a family and for my business too. My mom and my dad are also supporting me in this decision. I am gladI have their all our support and it really makes my gut so strong in having big decisions in life.

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  • Fast and reliable internet service

    I know, a lot of us needs a fast and reliable internet service. Whether at home, in school, in our gadgets, in our

    Whether at home, in school, in our gadgets, in our businesses and in offices. Internet is such a necessity nowadays and it just irks and irates many people if there is a slow internet access in an area. I remember I almost break down in a hotel when I had a very slow internet access in my hotel room. I need to beat a deadline that time and I was really expecting to have a nice internet because it says in their reviews.

    I need to beat a deadline that time and I was really expecting to have a nice internet because it says in their reviews. Any way, since then, I vowed not to book any rooms without great access to the internet. That is why many like me seeks to have a great internet which they can use wherever and wherever.

    At home, I suggest you have a wlan access point test to know whether is is reliable and dependable and it will not leave you hanging and frustrated. I have tried that too and it really helps, especially people who have a lot of things to do in their lives like business, careers, and family matters.

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  • Apartment Living

    Are you living in an apartment and you have some messy things? Self Storage companies might help you with this problem. Here are some tips I have tried and tested which might be a big help for you.

    Make use of the walls for decors

    hang everything and create a vertical décor of all your things. Whether its hair ties, shawls, belts, and others things. Bags you can hang on totem poles and in the wall also do the trick.

    Raise your bed. Just like in dorm room, lifting you bed when not in use is a superb tactic or strategy. Purchase one as an investment or just place your close underneath it.