Vessi Footwear Review – A True Waterproof Sneaker?

Have you ever heard of Vessi Footwear? They’re a Canadian company that sell some pretty snazzy shoes, worldwide. Vessi’s main selling point is the waterproof element of their shoes. I hail from the depths of Scotland and one thing we have lots of, is rain. One thing we Scots need is waterproof gear! It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid hiker or simply an urban millennial like me, you need to waterproof yourself to beat the weather.

Vessi claims to have designed the ‘perfect waterproof knit sneaker.’ Now personally, I’ve never had a pair of sneakers that are waterproof. If I want that type of gear, I normally stick to my trusty wellies. But how cool would it be, I though, if I could have the lovechild of the two things? Comfortable running shoes that I can use in any weather? Apparently, the material is made up of ‘nano-sized pores’ that are too small for water drops, but large enough for sweat and heat to pass through. Personally, sweaty feet don’t plague my life. But for someone who has this issue, a breathable shoe could be very important. You don’t want your shoes stinking to high heaven, after all.

So if Vessi is really all they claim to be, surely it will withstand the gruelling Scottish climate? I had my doubts about this. I mean, have you ever been to Scotland before?  The shoes I chose retail at $135 USD, or £104.24. This is a little hefty for me – normally I stick under the £20 region, or $25 USD. But if the shoes lasted the distance, the initial cost wouldn’t matter in the long-term.

So I took the plunge and ordered the Women’s Skyline in Stone Grey. It does state that they run a ½ size big, so I made sure to order a smaller size. The shoes arrived way earlier than anticipated, which was fantastic. Luckily, it was pouring it down when they arrived, giving me a chance to test them out. They were insanely comfortable, with springy soles that provided plenty of support. The colour was a lovely shade of grey and the material on the shoes was of really good quality. After a thorough jog in the rain (and lots of puddle jumps) I can vouch for their waterproof-ness. For anyone who loves to explore the outdoors, I absolutely recommend these sneakers. Well worth the cost, Vessi Footwear!

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