10 Glamorous Dining Room Decorating Ideas

The very idea of decorating a dining room says something about us. We don’t eat to survive. To us dining is a social activity that adds color and beauty to life. In our decorated dining rooms, we celebrate anniversaries, holidays, birthdays. To inspire your decorating, here are my favorite glamorous dining room decorating ideas. I hope they add sparkle and grace to your family’s special moments.
#1. Elegant Rug

Begin your glamorous dining room decorating from the bottom up. Invest in a beautiful rug that extends 2 feet outside the perimeter of your dining room table and leaves at least 2 feet of space from the wall. If you have a round table, look for a round rug, and avoid buying a rug that’s too long for your table. Like a picture that you fit in a frame, your dining room table should fit perfectly in the rug.

#2. Glamorous Table

The right table for your glamorous dining room with nice wooden dinnerware decorating depends very much on the size of the room. For smaller rooms, a glass table is ideal, as the view of the stunning dining room rug through the table will grant an illusion of space. A simply carved wood table will add glamour to a mid-sized dining room. And an ornate wood table or stone table will complete the beauty of a large dining room.

#3. Complimentary Wall Prints

Wall art plays a vital role in glamorous dining room decorating. Look for prints or art that will repeat the patterns and colors present in your dining room rug. Then frame your art to match the style of your dining room table.

#4. Painted Chair Rail Pattern

This glamorous dining room decorating idea works both for dining rooms with chair rail molding or without. Use a long fern leaf (either fresh or silk) to stamp a horizontal pattern midway up the walls all around the dining room. Use latex paint in a color to match your dining room decor, brush paint on the leaf, then press it on the wall, repeating the process as you work in a line. Be sure to tilt one leaf print a little up, then weave the next one as if in a garland just below with a downward tilt.

#5. Chandelier

Light plays an important role in glamorous dining room decorating. The light fixture should hang low over your dining room table, to create intimate light. Choose a light fixture that matches the style of your dining room table. An imitation glass chandelier (or crystal if you can afford it) should hang over a glass table. A vintage or mission style light will match a wood table. And a Victorian chandelier will best fit an ornate or stone dining room table.

#6. Corner Candelabras

This is my favorite glamorous dining room decorating idea. Using swag hooks, which you can find at a garden center, to ang four candelabras from the ceiling at each corner of your dining room. You can buy chandelier candelabras or you can make them, following these simple instructions.

#7. Glamorous Mirrors

To increase the pools of flickering light in the room, add a glamorous mirror to your dining room decorating, but do not spend a fortune on an expensive giant mirror. Instead look for small mirrors to match the style of your dining room decor. Hang them in a cluster to form a large square, rectangle or circle.

#8. Drapery

Perhaps the greatest impact in glamour dining room decorating will come from adding matching drapery at the entrance or entrances to the room and over the window. I recommend buying the fabric yourself at a fabric store and hemming it all around. The top hem should be widest and you can thread an ornate wood poll through it and suspend the drapery from ornate shelf brackets. Be sure to look for glamorous tasseled curtain tie-backs at the fabric store.

#9. Centerpiece

The center of any dining room decorating project is, of course, the centerpiece ornamenting the dining room table. I especially love the feral forest arrangements from Martha Stewart. You can plant moss and mushrooms in an elegant bowl that matches your dining room decor, or you can glue the bark of a tree around a simple bowl, as if your centerpiece is growing out of a stump of wood.

#10. Cadenza

If you wish to add a cadenza to your glamorous dining room decorating, move your dining room table further away from the wall by a measurement equal to the depth of the cadenza. In this way, your table will still appear centered in the room. In addition, be sure to move your overhead lighting to hang exactly at the center of the table. Use a lighting chain to conceal the electrical cord, and hang the lamp by a swag hook.

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