They Said What?! – First Trimester

I know I am not alone when it comes to being asked inappropriate questions regarding my pregnancy. I’ve read many a blog post about the hideous things well-meaning people say without thinking. Today I’ve got a pet peeve of my own to share with you – I’ll try not to poorly rehash old ground.

Matt and I were savvy enough to figure out pretty quickly that there were bound to be asked ‘Was it planned?’  by at least a handful of totally over-familiar assholes beloved friends and family.

congratulations-new-intentional-baby-ecard-someecardsWe decided that there was one (and only one) person we’d entertain an actual conversation with on the topic with (the afore-mentioned, much-loved, younger brother of Matt) For dealing with anyone else we came up with the curt yet diplomatic reply ‘We couldn’t be happier.’

Now I’m unsure what possesses people to enquire about your sex-life and ability to use birth control but trust me they will! I mean are people really asking this question to figure out whether or not they should be congratulating or commiserating you? It’s actually pretty insulting to have people basically imply that you aren’t in a position where having a child seems like a good idea.

So far we’ve had the question put to us by a grand total of 4 relations, 2 friends, 1 colleague and 1 virtual stranger who works in a local shop. It’s pretty heartwarming to see how much faith our circle has in our ability to parent.

Now I know most of these people would likely gasp if they could have heard themselves / know how it felt to be asked but indulge me here (:

On reflection the person I’m most annoyed at in the situation is myself. I feel like as we had a pretty good idea this question would be asked I should of been ready with a bad ass response. Disappointly I generally looked sheepish and muttered something about ‘Not really no… but… um, yay.’ Going forward I am resolved to have more backbone!

Have many of you been asked this infamous question? How did you deal with it?

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