My New Purchase

I just got my new wood watch I bought online. I saw it first in my friend’s closet and I asked her where did she bought it. I was fascinated by its colors and when she said that she bought her best wooden watches in this site, then I quickly grabbed my laptop and purchased my own. I saw her wearing her pink wood watch and I must say I kind of went jealous because it was my first time to see a wooden watch. All my watches were either leather, metallic, or just plain plastic. Being a lover of watch, and my friend too, I knew I need to have that wood watch in my collection. If not, I think I might regret it in my entire life. And so I bought my new wood watch. It is brown and it has this intricate design I have not seen in other watch designs before. Also, I am planning to buy to more—one black and one pink. and maybe I need to buy more for my sister and my mother who also love collecting timepieces and accessories. This will be a perfect gift for them.

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