Meal Plan Monday

So last weeks meal plan couldn’t have been more of a failure. We had the Mac & Cheese on Monday but Matt got an awful bug which Luisa then caught so I had my hands full (mostly of vomit) The only other meal that went as expected was our Sunday dinner of roast beef. YUM I used a Jamie Oliver recipe, it was great.

I mostly ate by myself this past week & had to shop in the local co-op as I don’t drive so my meal plan went out the window. Here’s a look at what I had.

Now that the patients are almost back to normal I’m hoping this week will go a bit smoother. We have Matts parents coming from Belfast on Wednesday so I’m not planning a full weeks meals as I’m not sure when we’ll be in the flat. Also they aren’t too fussed on our semi veggie state so this is how it looks so far…

Monday – Pesto Pasta

Tuesday – Tuna Steaks with Risotto

Wednesday – Veggie Stirfry

Thursday – BBQ chicken drumsticks

Friday – Takeaway / out for dinner

Saturday – Homemade Burgers (Matts specialty)

Sunday – Thai Veggie Curry

One thing I am struggling with meal wise is what to eat for my lunch. I need something quick to prepare or that can be made in advance as I’m home alone with Luisa Monday – Friday. I usually have breakfast about 10am and skip lunch, snacking in the afternoon. I really want to knock that bad habit on the head so let me know if you’ve any ideas please 🙂

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