Lovely View


We are currently on a vacation here in Europe. I am with my family and a couple of my friends who came with us—Kim and Kayle. We planned this vacation for quite some time now. If I can remember, we booked the ticket a year ago because we landed a great deal. Right now after checking in, we are planning to have a city tour and maybe try a couple of restaurants. Our hotel, which is really nice and is near the airport and some of the tourists spot, is a five-star hotel one. This was my second time here and I can say they have improved a lot since. We have this lovely view of the city and down south is the beach side. I can’t help but take photos using our 360 grad kamera. It is such a scenic spot right here. Good thing I bought our cameras with us. My friend Kim has gone walking down and I bet she is also in loved with place. I am looking forward to the city tour that is why I prepared some cool clothes and a pair of flats so I can comfortably walk during the tour. Tomorrow, we are going for an island hopping experience and two ays from now, we will visit a mountain. I think we will be trekking so I think I need to make some cardio workouts here in the hotel. Do you have any recommendations on what to see or eat here? I would glad to know please!

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