Chit Chat – Second Trimester

Well here we are at 14+2 firmly on the other side of that wild first trimester. To say it was an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement, you can read more about that in my post No Sickness, No Problem?

My initial symptoms from early pregnancy (first 8 weeks) were sore boobs and a lot of burping. Those both passed and were replaced with exhaustion and tearfullness. I seem to be finding my stride more now though and have very few symptoms other than a growing belly! I’m still ‘craving’ dairy, cheese in particular.


My Precious

We’ve also had a few visitors to Edinburgh and just generally been trying to have a nice time and do lots of fun things. I feel like it’s important to be vigilant and make an effort to avoid slipping into an rut of tired boredness where you don’t spend enough time together as a couple or with friends.

This can be difficult when other people are drinking and I did have to take a breath to stay sane and realise whislt maybe I can’t do all the same things I used to all the time I am still the same person. It’s easy to get swallowed up and feel like your losing your identity. With this in mind we had a fab Halloween party to avoid the club scene.

A Sugar Skull, sort of.

Rather dapper Jurassic Park ranger

This week I will be seeing the midwife for what should be my  16 week appointment though I’ll be 14+4. As far as I know nothing particularly exciting will be happening but I’m going to blog about it and hopefully have something decent to say! If not I’ll find some amusing pictures to insert.

In terms of buying things for baby and making plans we’ve grabbed a few bits in our excitement which I will show you in a future post. We’re going to wait until after christmas to start getting bits and pieces together properly. As we’re trying to keep costs down a lot of items will be purchased in the January sale and secondhand, particularly those that won’t be used for a long time. I’m hoping to do a mini series on having a baby on a budget, if this is something that sounds interesting?

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