Amazon Prime Canada for Students

You don’t have to leave the house to buy computer games. Don’t have to leave the house to buy software video games. And even more than this, which is amazing, you can even buy things like furniture, pet supplies, cookware, and more. Look, I have been a student for a long time now, and I found these same day, or maximum 2 Day, free deliveries for total Lifesaver so much of the time. When you’re like me, you can always afford to run across town, paying for public transit or parking or gasoline, just to buy a couple of items, or even just one item. Now, with Amazon Prime, you can get free delivery, at a maximum of two days, on things even like a vacuum kitchen supplies and utensils, power tools, patio and gardening equipment, Beauty Supplies. Anything that isn’t totally urgent any consumer product, can basically be purchased. If you know that you want to go skating on the weekend, but you don’t have skates that fit, rather than going to a store, you can order a pair of new skates, or golf clubs, or a bicycle. It’s so amazing that this exists right now, and I don’t think very many people are taking advantage of Amazon Prime Canada, especially students, who can get 6 months of this service for free. Six months of free deliveries, you can utilize that while you’re studying at home, which just makes your time so much more efficiently used. This is a company that doesn’t worry as much about making immediate profit, as it worries about being good enough that people become brand loyal, and commit to a future with Amazon. And not even commit on paper, just in principle. Honestly, you can consider me someone who isn’t totally into massive corporate brands.

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