A New Life in the City

Starting next month, I will have a new home. We have been waiting for the right time to move in together after being in a relationship for quite some time now. I have a decent, stable job, and he has his own business too that he manages everyday of the week. It is quite a challenge, we know from the start, but we know we can make it through as we have promised to each other that we will be for each other for thick or thin. Just like a married couple. Though i do not think of like, formally settling down with him, you know the marriage part. Because I still have a lot of things and dreams and aspirations to chase and I am okay with our current set yup right now..you know, the girlfriend, boyfriend thing. And i think he is okay with it too. I mean, he is a businessman. And he is always on the move. Either he is going to some other town or in another country. He is always away. We only spend time together for a couple of days, and we will be apart again for a couple of weeks. And I do not actually mind it.

And so, since we are moving together in the city and we are about to say goodbye to the old, country style life, we are also planning to buy new things for us. I am planning to buy a new car, something grand like the new Fiat 500 so that I will not be commuting anymore. It is quite tough not to have a car in the place you know. The traffic is really killing me and I know some parts in the city that have lesser cars and has nicer traffic than the usual commute route. It will also let me go to different places and plan a randon weekend with my girl friends. That’s what I am planning to do. But first of course, I need to know how to drive! Ha ha ha! My boyfriend already agreed with it. In fact, he is also about to buy his own car, which I know will be so much help for him.

And of course, as we buy new things, we will also be adopting two cute puppies for our new home. It has been what I wanted since last year! I totally love puppies. I have searched online on adoption homes where we can get a couple of puppies and they are totally welcome to our new home. They will be our babies first. No real babies for me know though! Just cute little furry friends for now and I am okay. I am glad you read this post up to this far, and i hope you continue to read my posts in the coming months as i move in with my partner. I am excited to share all the details with you soon and I will keep you up to date of course! Bye for now, loves!

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