A Lost Puppy

I was driving to town last week when I saw a cute little puppy beside the road. I was about to go home from a busy work day when i passed by a white little puppy walking alone in the pavement. It was an afternoon and the leaves were falling so it was easy to spot the cute little angel. I passed it by and I had to take a second look to double check. I checked my rear-view beside my dashcam ( which I tried for dashcam test 2018) and it was really a cute puppy! I pulled over and I got it. It was actually quivering and I thought it had a little sickness. I went abruptly to the vet and the vet thanked me for bringing him in the nick of time.

He said the puppy got a a little flu. It stayed in the vet clinic for two days before i had the chance to bring it at home. I was also asking some of our neighbours if their puppy is missing or if they know someone who might be looking for their lost puppy but to no avail. I just decided to bring it home and adopt it for the meantime as i do not know someone who is looking for their dogs. I was a little hesitant at first but what can I do? I mean I can’t leave it there alone, right? It was already a week and still no one is still looking after this puppy. And i decided i should be a formally adopting it. My niece, who loves pets usually go to my house to check it out. I named the cute angel as Peter and we are so delighted for seeing to so alive and enthusiastic.  She said i should adopt more and she promises she will look after them. Actually, my niece has a couple of cats in their home and she really really love having pets in their house. It is like her best friends and no one can replace them. She takes care of them always ,feed them, and buy pet products just for them. Not like the one I saw who is very pale and tired with really teary eyes. I was happy I was able to pass by him and bring him to the vet. I just saved a puppy’s life and I am very thankful for it. I am actually planning to adopt more dogs. And probably cats too if they can stand each other. What I really love about these pets are that they are all lovable. And they love their owners back, endless love that is and that is just so heart warming. I hope more and more people will get to adopt some furry friends for their home. It is actually good for the heart and in looking at life in a more positive way. I am now planning to attend seminar on proper dog and cat care and will ask some of my friend who love having pets too if they can give me some advice and tips for me.

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