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  • Chit Chat – Second Trimester

    Well here we are at 14+2 firmly on the other side of that wild first trimester. To say it was an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement, you can read more about that in my post No Sickness, No Problem?

    My initial symptoms from early pregnancy (first 8 weeks) were sore boobs and a lot of burping. Those both passed and were replaced with exhaustion and tearfullness. I seem to be finding my stride more now though and have very few symptoms other than a growing belly! I’m still ‘craving’ dairy, cheese in particular.


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  • Midwife Appointment & 14 Week Update

    IMG_1037Today I am 14+4 and I just had my second ever midwife appointment. It was a little underwhelming if I’m honest. There were a few contributing factors that made it less exciting than I though it’d be…

    • My expectations were a little high
    • Matt had to work and so I was flying solo
    • There was a 40 minute delay to the start of my appointment
    • A trainee obstetrician was sitting in and I felt a little out-numbered.