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    Are you living in an apartment and you have some messy things? Self Storage companies might help you with this problem. Here are some tips I have tried and tested which might be a big help for you.

    Make use of the walls for decors

    hang everything and create a vertical décor of all your things. Whether its hair ties, shawls, belts, and others things. Bags you can hang on totem poles and in the wall also do the trick.

    Raise your bed. Just like in dorm room, lifting you bed when not in use is a superb tactic or strategy. Purchase one as an investment or just place your close underneath it.

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  • Lovely View


    We are currently on a vacation here in Europe. I am with my family and a couple of my friends who came with us—Kim and Kayle. We planned this vacation for quite some time now. If I can remember, we booked the ticket a year ago because we landed a great deal. Right now after checking in, we are planning to have a city tour and maybe try a couple of restaurants. Our hotel, which is really nice and is near the airport and some of the tourists spot, is a five-star hotel one. This was my second time here and I can say they have improved a lot since. We have this lovely view of the city and down south is the beach side. I can’t help but take photos using our 360 grad kamera. It is such a scenic spot right here. Good thing I bought our cameras with us. My friend Kim has gone walking down and I bet she is also in loved with place. I am looking forward to the city tour that is why I prepared some cool clothes and a pair of flats so I can comfortably walk during the tour. Tomorrow, we are going for an island hopping experience and two ays from now, we will visit a mountain. I think we will be trekking so I think I need to make some cardio workouts here in the hotel. Do you have any recommendations on what to see or eat here? I would glad to know please!

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  • My New Purchase

    I just got my new wood watch I bought online. I saw it first in my friend’s closet and I asked her where did she bought it. I was fascinated by its colors and when she said that she bought her best wooden watches in this site, then I quickly grabbed my laptop and purchased my own. I saw her wearing her pink wood watch and I must say I kind of went jealous because it was my first time to see a wooden watch. All my watches were either leather, metallic, or just plain plastic. Being a lover of watch, and my friend too, I knew I need to have that wood watch in my collection. If not, I think I might regret it in my entire life. And so I bought my new wood watch. It is brown and it has this intricate design I have not seen in other watch designs before. Also, I am planning to buy to more—one black and one pink. and maybe I need to buy more for my sister and my mother who also love collecting timepieces and accessories. This will be a perfect gift for them.

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  • A cure for dry skin

    Whether it’s scarring or just dry skin, this Vitamin c serum for face is a really great product for revitalizing your skin and protecting it from the extreme but subtle radicals that freely float in the environment. I think that you should give it a try if you have any want to try something new for your face, this is a great company as well, they give great customer service, and it is a fine skin care product, one of the finest that I have ever encountered in my entire life, and I’ve tried a lot to deal with my acne scarring. I also suffer with dry skin, so this is a great thing to put on a few times a day because my skin loves the way that it moisturizes and hydrates, and I love to have happy skin, much like a lot of people who are like me who do suffer from dry skin. So, when I saw something like this, this vitamin C serum for face which hits all the bases that I need, obviously I was very excited, but I did not quite know what to expect. Once I landed on this particular one, due to the advice of a friend and some researching, I know that I absolutely chose the best one on the market. Cuz I’ve tried some others and they never worked, or like they would work for one thing and not the other, nothing is really work for my scarring, but obviously there a lot of moisturizers, but some of them leave residue in this one never does, this one is built from such natural absorbent materials that my face just wants to have it all and it takes it all, and even my sunspots are starting to disappear which is something that I never would have expected. It is pretty amazing.


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  • Are you an online shopper?

    Are you an online shopping mommy? Do you love buying stuff for your home and your kids and husband through online using credit card and other bank payment transactions? I am too is fond of online shopping. For me, it is an easy way and an alternative to buy things at the comforts of your home. In this way, you can save time in going to the shopping mall plus you will have more time to bond with your family members and do household chores.

    I love online shopping, especially when I scan shops selling clothes and accessories. I once bought an outfit from a nice girl shop where they were selling classy pieces of outfits—from skirts, shirts, jackets, sarongs, and even shorts. I also love a certain travel online shop which sells luggages and travel related stuff life neck pillow, luggage cover (and even the ones for rainy seasons), luggage lock and even weighing scale to weigh if I have extra weight on my things. This shall save me from having the hassle in the airport.

    I just stumbled with one online shop which sells classy time pieces (wooden watches to be exact and some Zegarki styles too. ) for girls and boys. My kids are now in their college and I would like to buy them a couple of time pieces for their schooling. I know they will love it. My orders will arrive next week so I am giving it to them once they go home from their dormitories over the weekend.


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  • Gift for cancer survivors that really help

    One of the things that I do most common now is tell people about juju.com, and tell people about the value of healing Stones. I do think that the people that we should be taken care of in the world or the people who are the most sick in the most vulnerable, and the people who are the most vulnerable are the ones who are suffering great atrocities and struggling to recover, the recovery process can take a lifetime, or it can begin to be fixed in the blink of an eye. So, I really do think that Juju Supply Co is the best thing in the world when it comes to giving people meaningful gifts. And I’m not trying to overstate the impact or importance of it, I’m literally being honest when I say that I think that it is the best thing that there is. I think that there is no better website for Cancer survivor gifts, and there’s nothing that you can get for a cancer patient, I mean there’s no better breast cancer gift for cancer survivor gift, because you are literally giving people codified Tranquility, in empathy, compassion, everything like that, and I think it’s really amazing.

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  • Amazon Prime Canada for Students

    You don’t have to leave the house to buy computer games. Don’t have to leave the house to buy software video games. And even more than this, which is amazing, you can even buy things like furniture, pet supplies, cookware, and more. Look, I have been a student for a long time now, and I found these same day, or maximum 2 Day, free deliveries for total Lifesaver so much of the time. When you’re like me, you can always afford to run across town, paying for public transit or parking or gasoline, just to buy a couple of items, or even just one item. Now, with Amazon Prime, you can get free delivery, at a maximum of two days, on things even like a vacuum kitchen supplies and utensils, power tools, patio and gardening equipment, Beauty Supplies. Anything that isn’t totally urgent any consumer product, can basically be purchased. If you know that you want to go skating on the weekend, but you don’t have skates that fit, rather than going to a store, you can order a pair of new skates, or golf clubs, or a bicycle. It’s so amazing that this exists right now, and I don’t think very many people are taking advantage of Amazon Prime Canada, especially students, who can get 6 months of this service for free. Six months of free deliveries, you can utilize that while you’re studying at home, which just makes your time so much more efficiently used. This is a company that doesn’t worry as much about making immediate profit, as it worries about being good enough that people become brand loyal, and commit to a future with Amazon. And not even commit on paper, just in principle. Honestly, you can consider me someone who isn’t totally into massive corporate brands.

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  • The thing about camera filters

    You know, the thing about Filter apps and things like that, is that they really make it easy to create an interesting image. So, I have to say, there’s nothing worse than an image that has been tastelessly edited. And that doesn’t necessarily mean any specific amount of editing– by tasteless, I’m more referring to a style of editing, or a lack of style with in someone’s editing process. For example, sometimes I see photos and images that have been egregiously other than, completely changed, but they still have something very interesting about them. I think, to understand this perspective, you need to understand that life is different than the photographic representation of life, and sometimes the way that something is actually looking in real life requires a certain amount of editing, whether it’s brightening or levels adjustment, just so the original Spirit of the subject of the photograph can come through, because no camera has been effective enough yet to always capture that essence, or no photographer is as skilled, as far as I know. So, it can be hugely edited, as long as it’s with a purpose. What bothers me, is when somebody uses a filter and it is done in a way that is completely pointless, or even works against the Integrity or quality of an image. Like, when somebody just slaps on a filter, and all you can see is the filter, that is not a very good image. Sometimes, and image requires a lot of editing and filtering, other times it doesn’t. To be honest, with a lot of images, either can probably work, as long as it is done with style, taste, and mind for consequence.

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  • The Best Decision For Your Country House

    Hello my dears!

    I recently did my own research trying to find the best Andriondack Chair for my new country house. It was such an interesting activity, so that I found out many interesting facts about this super furniture. Let me share some of them with you.

    The History of Adirondack Chair

    The style of Adirondack and the famous chair with the same name is a successful story in the world of handicrafts. The whole museum is devoted to this unique invention at the Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, on the border of the USA and Canada.

    How People Use It Today?

    Over the time, the Adirondack chair was modernized. Nowadays, the seat and back have been made from the individual slats. This is a way to save money on buying wood. At the same time, the functionality of the chair became higher, for example, if it stays in the courtyard, then after the rain the water will not accumulate in it, but will flow through the cracks. In addition, the individual bars allow you to maintain a special shape, which makes it possible to produce a more comfortable back. Today, the chair is made of teak, oak, larch, mahogany, pine. Its design and some details can be different such as bar, double and rocking chair. The only thing that remains the same is the comfort,  which you feel when you sit in it.

    I bought very interesting model. The name of it is POLYWOOD South Beach Adirondack Chair. If you buy them you will be amazed with the quality, I promise you. The color can be different from that one, which you see on the picture. I just like natural colors, so that’s why I’ve chosen light brown. This gorgeous chair was made in USA with amazing, high-quality, stainless steel hardware, and it is simple to assemble. The price a bit high, but you definitely know for what you pay money. Don’t afraid to break it, because it is strong enough. Just sit and relax!

    I also purchased some decorations, such as flowers, lights, rocks and colorful papers. I wanted to make my garden more attractive together with new furniture of Adirondack style and in the end I cold managed to do so.

    I am happy to have such a wonderful design of my new house and completely satisfied by using Adirondack Chair. Try them too, and feel the comfort of relaxing atmosphere.

    What style do you use for your country house? I look forward to receiving comments from you, guys!

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  • Where to Get Eye-Catching Photos

    So, this kind of deviates from the general theme of this blog, but know that at least some of my audience are also bloggers, and a lot of you have written to me before about wanting to start a blog in the future, so I think it’s still pretty relevant and it’s what’s been on my mind these last couple of weeks.

    Basically, it’s a little pearl of wisdom that I really wanted to share with anybody that also publishes posts or articles that require images. Images are, obviously, super important. When attached to an article, it is often the image which catches people’s eye, and that first judgment will have serious consequence in whether somebody decides to read that article or not. It’s actually signs. I wish people were not so shallow, but we are, and it’s something that we can learn to accept and adapt to.

    In fact, it’s something that we must learn to accept and adapt to. That is what has made this last while comma for however long I’ve been publishing online, sort of painful. Intuitively, I’ve known the major importance of the image that is attached to its respective article. I know this from my experience, but I also know it from a theoretical and scientific perspective. So, being subjected to so many mediocre images and not being able to have control over the quality of impression I’m making on potential audience members? It has been amazingly frustrating. Magnificently annoying. Horribly horrible. To put it lightly.

    I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this, and a couple of weeks ago I found a solution that I want to share with you. I’ve tried it for a whole 2 weeks now, and I am still as excited about this little site as I was when I began. Compared to other stock photography databases, EyeEm absolutely blows them away. It’s not even a competition. I’ve never had so many great Stock Photos  at my disposal in my life.

    So, if you’re the kind of person that blogs, or is interested in blocking in future, or even just writing a single post or article, this is where you will want to go to find your image.