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  • A Watch for My Husband

    So, it was just my husband’s birthday. I always think that his birthday is going to be so easy, when it comes to planning and shopping, but then I end up being so surprised by how difficult and stressful it is. I guess when you really love someone and really care about them and really want their special day to be as special as it can be, it’s bound to be quite stressful. Or maybe I’m just the kind of person to get stressed out of those things. Anyway, every year I always buy him something like a barbecue, cooler, some kind of tent or camping chair, or something that I can find for him online. The only problem with this is the fact that I don’t know anything about these products, so I depend on the reviews of others.

    This time around, I found him an incredible cooler by browsing around on the website Survival Cooking, which was amazing in its balance reviews that were actually incredibly well-written, if you asked me, they are the probably the best written reviews that I have ever seen on the internet, and I’ve read a lot of reviews for a lot of things, so kudos to the writers on that website. Like, seriously, these are seriously well written reviews. I was also considering getting him a wristwatch, because he doesn’t have anything nice, but at the end of the day I know that it is me that once and have a nice wrist watch, and it is him that wants an amazing supply of Great Outdoor Gear. Maybe for Christmas I’ll buy him the nice watch I had my eye on while searching for the best watches under 500, but I will have you know that he was extremely excited to get his brand new cooler. So, that’s where I’m at with all of this, is that I’m very pleased that his birthday ended up being such a success for me and my gift buying, and that my man is so happy.

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  • Unu Motors And Its Wonders

    Who else loves electric scooters? Well, I have been a lover of scooters since was in my teenage years. My uncle gave my first scooter at the age of 18 as a gift for my birthday. Since then, I never left my scooter. There was a time I rode mine when I was about to attend a party. While many drove in their cars, there I was, feeling chic and carefree my scooter.

    I got my second scooter when I was working. My job as an artist has required going from one place to another and it I know it will be a hassle for me if I buy a car. Though I must admit having a car will let me bring my things with me. That is why I mostly rely on ride sharing apps or ride apps in the metro. But that’s another story.

    But there was a time I felt that I needed to change or replace my scooter. That was the time I was introduced to using electric scooters. Unu Motors, the company which may be the leading in providing electric scooters or what they call as the elektrische scooter, has given me all that I need. Unu Motors boasts of its electric scooters that are eco-friendly it does not create sounds on the road, it is not fuelled by gas, it has a portable battery, and has even a system where the energy can be saved when braking, thus saving more battery. And you know what? When you charge an Unu Motor it can last about three days of city driving. Now that’s what we call effortless driving.


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  • Dream House in Vancouver

    So, some people would call it a pipe dream, others would just say to give up on it already. It seems like it’s been decades now that I’ve wanted to buy a home, even just a modest condominium, in the city of Vancouver, or in the surrounding cities. Yes, it wouldn’t be the most practical move in the world what’s the point of doing everything practically if you never really feel alive? Some things in life are probably worth the risk. That’s all I have to say. I know that right now making such a major change, or at least major investment, is not the kind of thing that people would suggest necessarily for a person in my situation.

    And having some of the most support of friends and family members in the world is definitely a good thing, but sometimes it just seems a little bit overbearing, and maybe that’s why I’d like to get to the coast. I know, it’s not a problem that’s as bad as most other problems. Having too many people care about you too much is something that a lot of the world would probably envy, and I don’t forget that.

    Still, I’ve been thinking about this so much that I actually have been Googling and searching for Burnaby condos for sale… I actually prefer Burnaby to Vancouver in a lot of ways, Vancouver is obviously a little more exciting, but it’s only is train ride away, no more than 15-20 minutes if your home is close enough to the transit station. Which, a lot of the ones that I’ve been looking at totally are. Though I also saw an ad about Coal Harbour Condos for sale which I might look into too just to be sure I am buying a nice property.

    I even contacted a Vancouver Realtor and ask him about prices and feasibility. No, it probably won’t happen, but I’m frustrated about the reasons why. Is this normal? Do you have anything like this? Please let me know if so. I know that it’s maybe just an irrational desire, but that doesn’t make it any less legitimate of a Feeling. Does it?

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  • Pregnancy, A Nutritional Mindfield

    One of the first things I did when I found out about my pregnancy was mourn for the large bottle of gin in my cupboard. How were we going to cope with this long, cruel separation?

    My friends, who miss me.

    My friends, who miss me.

    In all seriousness despite the fact that I had a reasonably healthy diet and lifestyle I knew some changes where going to be necessary. Around two years ago I started following Slimming World and lost around 4 stone in a year and a half. I then began to focus more on having a balanced workable diet that would still lead to weight loss and be easy to stick with. Did this mean I was a lean mean fighting machine? No.


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  • Chit Chat – Second Trimester

    Well here we are at 14+2 firmly on the other side of that wild first trimester. To say it was an emotional roller coaster would be an understatement, you can read more about that in my post No Sickness, No Problem?

    My initial symptoms from early pregnancy (first 8 weeks) were sore boobs and a lot of burping. Those both passed and were replaced with exhaustion and tearfullness. I seem to be finding my stride more now though and have very few symptoms other than a growing belly! I’m still ‘craving’ dairy, cheese in particular.


    My Precious


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  • Midwife Appointment & 14 Week Update

    IMG_1037Today I am 14+4 and I just had my second ever midwife appointment. It was a little underwhelming if I’m honest. There were a few contributing factors that made it less exciting than I though it’d be…

    • My expectations were a little high
    • Matt had to work and so I was flying solo
    • There was a 40 minute delay to the start of my appointment
    • A trainee obstetrician was sitting in and I felt a little out-numbered.


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  • They Said What?! – First Trimester

    I know I am not alone when it comes to being asked inappropriate questions regarding my pregnancy. I’ve read many a blog post about the hideous things well-meaning people say without thinking. Today I’ve got a pet peeve of my own to share with you – I’ll try not to poorly rehash old ground.

    Matt and I were savvy enough to figure out pretty quickly that there were bound to be asked ‘Was it planned?’  by at least a handful of totally over-familiar assholes beloved friends and family.

    congratulations-new-intentional-baby-ecard-someecardsWe decided that there was one (and only one) person we’d entertain an actual conversation with on the topic with (the afore-mentioned, much-loved, younger brother of Matt) For dealing with anyone else we came up with the curt yet diplomatic reply ‘We couldn’t be happier.’


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  • Meal Plan Monday

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a meal planning post but don’t worry I have been eating! As you’ll know if you’ve read any of the other posts our main goal with our grub is to eat well on a low budget.

    Recently we’ve been trying to avoid meat Monday – Friday in order to be more healthy and to be more mindful when it comes to what we eat. It’s very easy to think ‘whats for dinner?’ ‘oh we have chicken lets have…’ etc We wanted to get away from the idea that meat has to be the main event. It’s actually made us appreciate it a lot more and we’re really enjoying being more imaginative when it come to dinner time.