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  • Time of the year

    The rain beat mercilessly on the glass windows. It was colder than usual, darker than usual, and doubly hard to get up for work. On the streets below I heard the soft drone of traffic.  the electric lanterns were still lit, the neon contrasting brightly against the gray skies.
    Life in the laboratory in the past year had been far from routine. From the initial euphoria of being admitted to one of the best programs in Pathology, to disillusionment (Is this what I signed up for?), to despair after being two months Anatomic pathology with solo cutting for service patients during exam season which meant a large volume of work and no study time for all important in-service exams, to more anxiety (Will I be promoted to the next year level?), to feelings of inadequacy and doubt as to having completed the first year and being equipped with enough skill for the next level.

    I remember a mentor, who once helped me in making best man speeches , who once remarked at how volatile I was, too careless, too whimsical, too emotional. One moment happy at ranking fourth in a blood bank exam, the next moment wallowing in the depths of melancholy after a less-than-idealconference. At least I am not a clinician, I reasoned. Just imagine if I had to treat patients all the time. I remember as a medical clerk and intern, that didn’t work out too well. I was too emotionally invested, constantly swept up in some mad instinct to try to save all patients, and feeling bad when we failed. I wanted to give patients a voice by writing about them. Essentially,I was more storyteller than scientist.

    Ties that Bind
    Hematology cases were always difficult. Rina (not her real name) was a teenager who presented with an anterior mediastinal mass. Because of her age, the mass could be anything from a lymphoma to an extra-skeletal primitive neuroendocrine tumor. The diagnosis was an “atypical round cell proliferation”, and a battery of immunohistochemistry studies were recommended.
    Immunostaining relied on the principle of antigen-antibody reactions, and the basic concept is that cells that express a specific antigen are targeted and made to “light up” against a background of a pale blue counterstain. For example, in round cell tumors, if Leukocyte common antigen (LCA) would light up then it is most likely of hematopoietic cell in origin, distinguishing it fromneuroendocrine or epithelial-origintumors which would be negative for LCA. In neoplasms where morphology is not determinate, immunostains are most useful.
    Rina’s immunostains supported the diagnosis of a lymphoma, unfortunately, the specific chemotherapy would depend greatly on sub-classifying the type of lymphoma. Lymphoma are generally divided into two broad categories: Hodgkin and Non-hodgkin, and the prognosis and treatment are different.
    A second panel of immunostains were ordered. The Hema-pathologist and I were on the cusps of discovering the type of lymphoma Rina had, when the clinicians informed us she began having difficulty of breathing. The mass was compressing Rina’s lungs and great vessels. The clinicians did emergency chemotherapy which caused the tumor to shrink dramatically.

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  • Tech in this day


    Technology can reshape the country and chronicled it in the book.  2014 up to today, so much things has changed. Self-driving cars actually works and 3D printers are now common thing. We can cope up with the fast-changing trends in technology, like being able to know how for your routers and all other things related. While technology will unstoppably move forward even if people do not, what’s more important is focusing on what we are best for.

    There are places which has excellence in the arts and in culture, and encouraging people to go back to their roots and start from there. People also need to have an understanding the technical element and how it changes business, people—not only industry leaders and businessmen—will come to realize that disruption and transformation is really about culture. If we were to live in this world that is filled with technology, I think we need to make a conscious decision that we like where we are. Going forward, we are going to live in a technology driven world so get over it and enjoy it. It is also great to have your own website for your business as it will boost your sales. If you need anything else, you can contact peope from ranking hostingów tp help you out. Anyway, as for my other post,

    After the dreaded typhoon that destroyed almost a half of the town’s homes and establishments, we are now back in business after six months. Well, there may have been a few changes and we really lost a little from the storm, we were really devastated but we just get up and made thins better. Some of our goods were drenched with typhoon and some of the computers too.We also lost our internet that time. This time, as we prepapre for a new chapter for our business, we are now more prepared. We have set up evacuation plans, as well as plans if another thing happens again in our area. As for our interent, I am happy that it is now back and we had  already to check if we will have a nice signal for our operations. I wish everyone goodluck and we will have a little party coming in our events place next week. I have invited some of our clients and our customers and partners and I hope you can all be there. We got some booze and a brunches for all of you. See you there!

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  • A New Life in the City

    Starting next month, I will have a new home. We have been waiting for the right time to move in together after being in a relationship for quite some time now. I have a decent, stable job, and he has his own business too that he manages everyday of the week. It is quite a challenge, we know from the start, but we know we can make it through as we have promised to each other that we will be for each other for thick or thin. Just like a married couple. Though i do not think of like, formally settling down with him, you know the marriage part. Because I still have a lot of things and dreams and aspirations to chase and I am okay with our current set yup right now..you know, the girlfriend, boyfriend thing. And i think he is okay with it too. I mean, he is a businessman. And he is always on the move. Either he is going to some other town or in another country. He is always away. We only spend time together for a couple of days, and we will be apart again for a couple of weeks. And I do not actually mind it.

    And so, since we are moving together in the city and we are about to say goodbye to the old, country style life, we are also planning to buy new things for us. I am planning to buy a new car, something grand like the new Fiat 500 so that I will not be commuting anymore. It is quite tough not to have a car in the place you know. The traffic is really killing me and I know some parts in the city that have lesser cars and has nicer traffic than the usual commute route. It will also let me go to different places and plan a randon weekend with my girl friends. That’s what I am planning to do. But first of course, I need to know how to drive! Ha ha ha! My boyfriend already agreed with it. In fact, he is also about to buy his own car, which I know will be so much help for him.

    And of course, as we buy new things, we will also be adopting two cute puppies for our new home. It has been what I wanted since last year! I totally love puppies. I have searched online on adoption homes where we can get a couple of puppies and they are totally welcome to our new home. They will be our babies first. No real babies for me know though! Just cute little furry friends for now and I am okay. I am glad you read this post up to this far, and i hope you continue to read my posts in the coming months as i move in with my partner. I am excited to share all the details with you soon and I will keep you up to date of course! Bye for now, loves!

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  • A Lost Puppy

    I was driving to town last week when I saw a cute little puppy beside the road. I was about to go home from a busy work day when i passed by a white little puppy walking alone in the pavement. It was an afternoon and the leaves were falling so it was easy to spot the cute little angel. I passed it by and I had to take a second look to double check. I checked my rear-view beside my dashcam ( which I tried for dashcam test 2018) and it was really a cute puppy! I pulled over and I got it. It was actually quivering and I thought it had a little sickness. I went abruptly to the vet and the vet thanked me for bringing him in the nick of time.

    He said the puppy got a a little flu. It stayed in the vet clinic for two days before i had the chance to bring it at home. I was also asking some of our neighbours if their puppy is missing or if they know someone who might be looking for their lost puppy but to no avail. I just decided to bring it home and adopt it for the meantime as i do not know someone who is looking for their dogs. I was a little hesitant at first but what can I do? I mean I can’t leave it there alone, right? It was already a week and still no one is still looking after this puppy. And i decided i should be a formally adopting it. My niece, who loves pets usually go to my house to check it out. I named the cute angel as Peter and we are so delighted for seeing to so alive and enthusiastic.  She said i should adopt more and she promises she will look after them. Actually, my niece has a couple of cats in their home and she really really love having pets in their house. It is like her best friends and no one can replace them. She takes care of them always ,feed them, and buy pet products just for them. Not like the one I saw who is very pale and tired with really teary eyes. I was happy I was able to pass by him and bring him to the vet. I just saved a puppy’s life and I am very thankful for it. I am actually planning to adopt more dogs. And probably cats too if they can stand each other. What I really love about these pets are that they are all lovable. And they love their owners back, endless love that is and that is just so heart warming. I hope more and more people will get to adopt some furry friends for their home. It is actually good for the heart and in looking at life in a more positive way. I am now planning to attend seminar on proper dog and cat care and will ask some of my friend who love having pets too if they can give me some advice and tips for me.

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  • Moving to a new home


    Me and my kids are moving to a new home this Christmas. I have been thinking for a long time of ai will move out of another town with my kids. The neighborhood is quite rowdy here and my kids are having a hard time commuting from home to school and back and forth. It is quite disheartening to know that there are some rude kids too who are bullying my kids. And so I am thinking to move to a new toen where my parents are at. I already talked to an agent and I think it is a nic decision to move out of this town. I saw a nice house in the city, a few minutes from there is the convenience store. There is also a church were me and my kids can attend mass. I think I should let me kids join the choir in the new community because I want them to develop new friends. As for me, I will move my business in the town. I am planning to renr a small space where I can curate my design studio and my party needs company. For now, I need to set up my office, have a really really strong wifi, this time, I need to have wlan access point test so it will not be too much of a hassle for me. I am excited for the new chapter of our lives as a family and for my business too. My mom and my dad are also supporting me in this decision. I am gladI have their all our support and it really makes my gut so strong in having big decisions in life.

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  • Fast and reliable internet service

    I know, a lot of us needs a fast and reliable internet service. Whether at home, in school, in our gadgets, in our

    Whether at home, in school, in our gadgets, in our businesses and in offices. Internet is such a necessity nowadays and it just irks and irates many people if there is a slow internet access in an area. I remember I almost break down in a hotel when I had a very slow internet access in my hotel room. I need to beat a deadline that time and I was really expecting to have a nice internet because it says in their reviews.

    I need to beat a deadline that time and I was really expecting to have a nice internet because it says in their reviews. Any way, since then, I vowed not to book any rooms without great access to the internet. That is why many like me seeks to have a great internet which they can use wherever and wherever.

    At home, I suggest you have a wlan access point test to know whether is is reliable and dependable and it will not leave you hanging and frustrated. I have tried that too and it really helps, especially people who have a lot of things to do in their lives like business, careers, and family matters.

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  • Apartment Living

    Are you living in an apartment and you have some messy things? Self Storage companies might help you with this problem. Here are some tips I have tried and tested which might be a big help for you.

    Make use of the walls for decors

    hang everything and create a vertical décor of all your things. Whether its hair ties, shawls, belts, and others things. Bags you can hang on totem poles and in the wall also do the trick.

    Raise your bed. Just like in dorm room, lifting you bed when not in use is a superb tactic or strategy. Purchase one as an investment or just place your close underneath it.

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  • Lovely View


    We are currently on a vacation here in Europe. I am with my family and a couple of my friends who came with us—Kim and Kayle. We planned this vacation for quite some time now. If I can remember, we booked the ticket a year ago because we landed a great deal. Right now after checking in, we are planning to have a city tour and maybe try a couple of restaurants. Our hotel, which is really nice and is near the airport and some of the tourists spot, is a five-star hotel one. This was my second time here and I can say they have improved a lot since. We have this lovely view of the city and down south is the beach side. I can’t help but take photos using our 360 grad kamera. It is such a scenic spot right here. Good thing I bought our cameras with us. My friend Kim has gone walking down and I bet she is also in loved with place. I am looking forward to the city tour that is why I prepared some cool clothes and a pair of flats so I can comfortably walk during the tour. Tomorrow, we are going for an island hopping experience and two ays from now, we will visit a mountain. I think we will be trekking so I think I need to make some cardio workouts here in the hotel. Do you have any recommendations on what to see or eat here? I would glad to know please!

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  • My New Purchase

    I just got my new wood watch I bought online. I saw it first in my friend’s closet and I asked her where did she bought it. I was fascinated by its colors and when she said that she bought her best wooden watches in this site, then I quickly grabbed my laptop and purchased my own. I saw her wearing her pink wood watch and I must say I kind of went jealous because it was my first time to see a wooden watch. All my watches were either leather, metallic, or just plain plastic. Being a lover of watch, and my friend too, I knew I need to have that wood watch in my collection. If not, I think I might regret it in my entire life. And so I bought my new wood watch. It is brown and it has this intricate design I have not seen in other watch designs before. Also, I am planning to buy to more—one black and one pink. and maybe I need to buy more for my sister and my mother who also love collecting timepieces and accessories. This will be a perfect gift for them.

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  • A cure for dry skin

    Whether it’s scarring or just dry skin, this Vitamin c serum for face is a really great product for revitalizing your skin and protecting it from the extreme but subtle radicals that freely float in the environment. I think that you should give it a try if you have any want to try something new for your face, this is a great company as well, they give great customer service, and it is a fine skin care product, one of the finest that I have ever encountered in my entire life, and I’ve tried a lot to deal with my acne scarring. I also suffer with dry skin, so this is a great thing to put on a few times a day because my skin loves the way that it moisturizes and hydrates, and I love to have happy skin, much like a lot of people who are like me who do suffer from dry skin. So, when I saw something like this, this vitamin C serum for face which hits all the bases that I need, obviously I was very excited, but I did not quite know what to expect. Once I landed on this particular one, due to the advice of a friend and some researching, I know that I absolutely chose the best one on the market. Cuz I’ve tried some others and they never worked, or like they would work for one thing and not the other, nothing is really work for my scarring, but obviously there a lot of moisturizers, but some of them leave residue in this one never does, this one is built from such natural absorbent materials that my face just wants to have it all and it takes it all, and even my sunspots are starting to disappear which is something that I never would have expected. It is pretty amazing.