• Pregnancy
  • Moving to a new home


    Me and my kids are moving to a new home this Christmas. I have been thinking for a long time of ai will move out of another town with my kids. The neighborhood is quite rowdy here and my kids are having a hard time commuting from home to school and back and forth. It is quite disheartening to know that there are some rude kids too who are bullying my kids. And so I am thinking to move to a new toen where my parents are at. I already talked to an agent and I think it is a nic decision to move out of this town. I saw a nice house in the city, a few minutes from there is the convenience store. There is also a church were me and my kids can attend mass. I think I should let me kids join the choir in the new community because I want them to develop new friends. As for me, I will move my business in the town. I am planning to renr a small space where I can curate my design studio and my party needs company. For now, I need to set up my office, have a really really strong wifi, this time, I need to have wlan access point test so it will not be too much of a hassle for me. I am excited for the new chapter of our lives as a family and for my business too. My mom and my dad are also supporting me in this decision. I am gladI have their all our support and it really makes my gut so strong in having big decisions in life.

  • Pregnancy
  • Fast and reliable internet service

    I know, a lot of us needs a fast and reliable internet service. Whether at home, in school, in our gadgets, in our

    Whether at home, in school, in our gadgets, in our businesses and in offices. Internet is such a necessity nowadays and it just irks and irates many people if there is a slow internet access in an area. I remember I almost break down in a hotel when I had a very slow internet access in my hotel room. I need to beat a deadline that time and I was really expecting to have a nice internet because it says in their reviews.

    I need to beat a deadline that time and I was really expecting to have a nice internet because it says in their reviews. Any way, since then, I vowed not to book any rooms without great access to the internet. That is why many like me seeks to have a great internet which they can use wherever and wherever.

    At home, I suggest you have a wlan access point test to know whether is is reliable and dependable and it will not leave you hanging and frustrated. I have tried that too and it really helps, especially people who have a lot of things to do in their lives like business, careers, and family matters.

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  • I Want A 360 Camera For Next Year

    I really really want a 360 camera. For so many reasons. First of all I just totally think that the technology is completely amazing. I would have never imagined that something like this would be available for such a decent price. Like, it seems so Advanced, and only a few years ago it would have seen unbelievably futuristic. But here we are. And the technology is available at a rate that I can easily afford.

    Especially because I think that using 360 content, I will be able to make the blog way more competitive and draw and more audiences. By creating an immersive experience for my readers, I think that I could really bring more people in and spread word of mouth about the block, and also just bring a fresh take to the type of content that I’m allowing myself to produce with the parameters that I set for myself.

    Wouldn’t it be very cool if all the sudden I was putting out some great 360 degree footage that can be accessed by anybody, but also be especially accessed by anybody who has a headset, even a thing like Google cardboard could bring you right into it. Any environment that I find interesting, and any of my travels or situational lifetimes, I could just capture with one of these devices, and then you could be there too.

    It’s like a whole new level of Storytelling and experience sharing and it’s something that I’m very much excited by. So, yes I really do want a 360 camera, and I just don’t know which one to buy. Anyone have any suggestions as to which one to buy? I want to know theĀ best 360 camera. Whether you have one, or you just been reading about 1, I will totally value your opinion on this matter if you share it with me. I’m just so excited by the prospect of delving into this method of content creation. I know it’s different than what I usually do, but I’m ready for a big shift and new territory.